what it's like to learn English in an online course

What is it like to learn English on an online course?

Find out step by step how learning English on Speakingo’s online course looks like and why it’s worth trying out just this online English course.

Why learn English?

It probably doesn’t take much convincing to learn the language!

However, when we start to learn English, discouragement can set in (because, after all, it’s not laziness!) and then it’s worth reminding ourselves that:

  • English improves the quality of our lives
  • thanks to English we ourselves earn more, and the economy of our country is developing
  • learning a foreign language is healthy for our brain
  • English allows virtually unlimited access to knowledge
  • opens us up to the world, the freedom to travel and meet people
  • and, of course, helps you pass various exams

The question is not really whether it is worth learning English, but how fast you can learn it!

How to effectively discourage yourself from learning English? xD

How to learn English online?

In general, English can be learned with a teacher, whether at school or in tutoring. Such learning, of course, has its advantages, but it will always be relatively expensive. Moreover, it does not give us flexibility, we have to commute to lessons, which are often lost because of this.

This is not a problem when learning English on e-learning platforms. We can study when we want and for how long we want. Here, however, on the other hand, we often move the mouse over pictures or fill in the gaps on the screen, practice grammar and vocabulary, but when we need to say something…. it turns out that we only know English with our eyes, not our throat.

For this reason, it is very difficult to learn to speak English alone at home. However, it does not mean that it is impossible!

What does it look like to study at Speakingo’s online English course?

Speakingo’s online English course is quite different from what we are used to seeing on the Internet. With substantive and practical teaching expertise on the one hand, and the use of modern speech recognition technology on the other, Dr. Greg Kay created the Speakingo e-learning platform, which is winning the hearts of Internet users in no time.

Why is this happening?

english won't learn on its own, the times polska

Learning by talking… with your computer!

No more reluctance to speak up!

So what if we know all those grammar rules, when in a real communication situation, words don’t want to pass our lips?

Although few people talk about it, the most effective method of learning is to learn whole phrases and sentences. In this way, we build the habit of speaking rather than thinking about how to say something!

But just talking to ourselves can end up only perpetuating incorrect constructions and strengtening bad grammar. We need correct patterns and someone to correct us.

Usually this someone is a teacher, while in an online English course SPEAKINGO this someone is…. a computer, with which conversation is no longer a sign of insanity but of intelligence!

Thanks to speech recognition technology, Speakingo understands what we say to it, praises us or corrects us if necessary. Such learning is not only effective, but also stress-free and enjoyable!

English language learning phone app

Would you rather use your phone than a PC?

No problem!

You can also download the Speakingo English course for iPhone from the App Store or for Android from Google Play.

With the same account, you can study both on your desktop computer and on your phone!

speakingo app for phone to learn english, dr grzegorz kusnierz, greg kay

The Direct Method and Grammar

But is it possible to learn to speak properly from just talking?

Not only can you, but it is the most effective way to learn English!

Speakingo’s English course is built on the basis of the so-called Direct Method, the most popular representative of which is the Callan Method.

In short: contrary to what we might think, it is not at all the case that words are bricks and grammar is mortar, and we must have both to brick the wall of our communication. It turns out that we speak in whole “blocks,” phrases in which words are already clumped together with grammar. This not only allows you to learn to speak faster, but in addition, to speak correctly!

That’s how children learn, and there’s little point in worrying too much about grammar theory, just practice it in practice!

Included in the more than 2,500 sentences covered in the Speakingo online English course didactic program is all the grammar we could ever need. However, you don’t learn the rules there (you can always read about them on the Speakingo blog out of curiosity, of course), but you learn to apply them in practice right away!

2000 most popular English words

When was the last time you said “polymorphic” or used the word “ambivalence”?

The English language has hundreds of thousands of words, but even English speakers use only a fraction of them on a daily basis. It turns out that knowing only 2,000 words we are able to understand about 90% of conversations in English.

The sentences of the Speakingo course include 2,000 of the most important English words. The author’s list is based on computer statistics of word usage on the Internet, the traditional Basic English corpus on which it is based, for example Simple Wikipedia, and the media language VOA English.

Most importantly, Speakingo’s list of the 2,000 most popular English words (which you can download to print for yourself after registering) is new and up-to-date, and includes many popular abbreviations and words you’ll actually need!

So how do you get started with Speakingo’s online English course?

Learner’s profile – choice of level (A1-C2)

First, of course, you need to register, provide your email or register via Facebook.

This way you get a free week to try it out. In addition – whether you later wish to pay for further study or not – you will start receiving a newsletter with news on the Speakingo blog, allowing you to maintain that all-important continuity of learning.

Make sure to choose your native language!

At the moment, English lerning is available for native speakers of:

In the Student Profile – that is, that page with the girls flying the English flag over the sea – first of all, you can choose your grade level.

There are 6 levels available to you, from beginner A1 to advanced C2. There are 10 lessons at each level. Each level corresponds to about a year of language schooling, so don’t expect to go through everything in a weekend!

It’s important to repeat each lesson so many times until it really solidifies in your head, then it’s a good idea to zipper from one lesson to the next.

You can also adjust here the level of accuracy of speech recognition, i.e. how restrictively Speakingo should analyze what it hears. I recommend using headphones, as background noise can distort the voice.

In your Student Profile you can also change your details (My Details) or purchase access to lessons (My Payments), or buy someone a Speakingo online English course as a gift!

how and where to start learning English online on a Speakingo course

Lessons, exercises and repetitions

Each lesson on Speakingo consists of 4 parts. Each part has about 40 pairs of sentences each, but in the beginning, during the testing period, it is only 5 pairs of sentences.

1. Introduction of new material

In the first part of the lesson, you just listen to the voice of an English speaker who introduces new grammatical constructions and vocabulary words in sentences. You are looking at beautiful pictures, which will make it easier to come to remember the material. At the same time you follow the English text in the subtitles to get used to the spelling and learn the outrageously literal translations to know exactly what it is about.

2. In the second part of the lesson, you repeat sentences from previous lessons

The computer, in the voice of a native speaker, asks you questions from previous lessons. You click the microphone on the photo related to the question and answer. To save you time Speakingo only quizzes you on the sentences you still have a problem with (that is, they have not been answered correctly three times).

If you answer (reasonably) correctly, you will hear praise. If not really, a native speaker will correct you, that is, give the correct answer for you.

mobile app english learning best talking

3. Learning to ask questions.

In the third part, you learn to ask questions that the computer answers (if you read them right).

4. Repetition of newly introduced material

In the fourth part, you practice the sentences introduced at the beginning of this lesson.

English tests online

  • Not sure what level to start with?
  • Want to track your progress?
  • Do you like to prove yourself?

There are three types of tests available to you in Speakingo’s online English course:

  1. Online English test from one level (A1-C2)
  2. Online English test with all the material
  3. Online English test from your lessons

Online dictations or learning to write in English

While speaking is most important, it’s also good to work on your spelling!

You can do online dictations to your heart’s content, that is, write down the sentences from the course, and Speakingo will check if you have written or transcribed them correctly!

English dictation online

Advantages of learning English on Speakingo’s online course

  • You learn to speak, use your throat, break the barrier to speaking, and not just passively look at the screen!
  • You learn whole phrases, which is much more effective than buying in vocabulary and agonizing over grammatical theory, which is impossible to apply in practice later anyway!
  • The smart module remembers which questions have been answered correctly three times, so it doesn’t tire you out with material you already know.
  • The questions in the repetition sections are selected not so much at random, but precisely on the basis of the correctness of the answers heard to them.
  • All grammar up Advanced level is included.
  • The 2,000 most popular English words are also used, knowledge of which allows 90% of the conversation to be understood.
  • You can practice your spelling and spelling on dictations to your heart’s content.
  • You can monitor your progress on the tests.
  • By using Speakingo’s Direct Method-based didactics, you save your valuable time and at the same time expand your knowledge in a hassle-free and enjoyable way!

Do you already know what it’s like to learn English in Speakingo’s online course and why it’s worth trying out exactly this online English course? If you have any questions or concerns, ask them boldly in the comments!

Is it possible to try yourself for free what it is like to learn English on Speakingo online course ?

By all means!

All you have to do is register below to – for free and without any obligation – try for yourself for a week what learning English in Speakingo’s online course looks like in practice!

Or download yourself the Speakingo app for your phone (Android, iPhone).

You of the future will thank yourself for this decision!

See what it’s like to learn English in Speakingo’s online course!

Do you want to understand the English? Start talking like the English!

Download the speakingo app for free to learn English on your phone:

Try for 7 days completely free!

Please choose the language you already know below:
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SPEAKINGO METHOD incorporates 2000 most popular English words. If you know them, you can understand 90% of all conversations in English. There is also all the grammar that you might need. But you don’t learn the theory – you learn the practice by speaking aloud correct sentences, naturally like a child learning to speak! Watch beautiful pictures, listen to a native speaker – and answer the questions, that’s it! Speakingo will understand you, praise you or correct your answers. This is not only the most effective method, but also highly pleasant way of learning English!

This english learning site and app is available in the following language versions:

Kurz angličtiny mluvením v angličtině!

Kurz angličtiny mluvením v angličtině!

Chcete rozumět angličtině? Začněte mluvit jako oni! Vyzkoušejte tuto rychlou a efektivní metodu výuky angličtiny na 7 dní zdarma a bez závazků!

Курс по английски език чрез разговор на английски!

Курс по английски език чрез разговор на английски!

Искате ли да разберете английски? Започнете да говорите като тях! Изпробвайте този бърз и ефективен метод за изучаване на английски за 7 дни безплатно и без никакви задължения!

Englisch Sprachkurs durch Sprechen auf Englisch!

Englisch Sprachkurs durch Sprechen auf Englisch!

Du willst Englisch verstehen? Fangen Sie an, wie sie zu reden! Probieren Sie diese schnelle und effektive Methode des Englischlernens 7 Tage lang kostenlos und unverbindlich aus!

speakingo mobile app english, ¡Curso de inglés hablando en inglés!

¡Curso de inglés hablando en inglés!

¿Quieres entender el inglés? ¡Empieza a hablar como ellos! ¡Prueba este método rápido y efectivo para aprender inglés durante 7 días gratis y sin compromiso!

Corso di lingua inglese parlando in inglese!

Corso di lingua inglese parlando in inglese!

Vuoi capire l'inglese? Inizia a parlare come loro! Prova questo metodo veloce ed efficace per imparare l'inglese per 7 giorni gratuitamente e senza alcun obbligo!

Angol nyelvtanfolyam angolul beszélve!

Angol nyelvtanfolyam angolul beszélve!

Meg akarod érteni az angolt? Kezdj el úgy beszélni, mint ők! Próbáld ki ezt a gyors és hatékony angoltanulási módszert 7 napig ingyen és minden kötelezettség nélkül!

speakingo mobile app english, Kurs języka angielskiego poprzez rozmowę po angielsku!

Kurs języka angielskiego poprzez rozmowę po angielsku!

Chcesz zrozumieć Anglików? Zacznij mówić jak oni! Wypróbój tę szybką i skuteczną metodę nauki języka angielskiego przez 7 dni za darmo i bez żadnych zobowiązań!

speakingo mobile app english, Курс английского языка, говоря по-английски!

Курс английского языка, говоря по-английски!

Хочешь понимать английский? Начни говорить как они! Попробуйте этот быстрый и эффективный метод изучения английского языка в течение 7 дней бесплатно и без каких-либо обязательств!

Ви хочете зрозуміти англійську? Почніть говорити як вони! Спробуйте цей швидкий та ефективний метод вивчення англійської мови протягом 7 днів безкоштовно та без будь-яких зобов’язань!

Курс англійської мови, розмовляючи англійською!

Ви хочете зрозуміти англійську? Почніть говорити як вони! Спробуйте цей швидкий та ефективний метод вивчення англійської мови протягом 7 днів безкоштовно та без будь-яких зобов’язань!

Khóa học tiếng Anh bằng cách nói chuyện bằng tiếng Anh!

Khóa học tiếng Anh bằng cách nói chuyện bằng tiếng Anh!

Bạn có muốn hiểu tiếng Anh? Bắt đầu nói chuyện như họ! Hãy thử phương pháp học tiếng Anh nhanh và hiệu quả này trong 7 ngày miễn phí và không có bất kỳ nghĩa vụ nào!

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