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…and this is what it’s all about:

Learning by speaking

Learning is based on speaking full sentences to a computer or phone, which with a native speaker’s voice
ask questions or answers them. Various study confirm the advantage of learning whole phrases and
sentences over learning grammar and vocabulary separately.

No more speaking inhibitions

By automating speaking process, learners get used to talking and overcome their speaking inhibitions.
Instead of thinking about a grammatically “correct” answer, like a soldier they simply “shoot” the

2000 most popular English words

The coursework is build on a tailore list of 2000 most popular English words. Their comprehension makes
90% of all utterances in English understandable. The list is based on Wikipedia’s Simple English,
computer vocabulary usage statistics and Voice of America media vocabulary list. It is supplemented with
irregular verbs, idioms, popular phrases and abbreviations.

Intelligent repetitions

An intelligent module remembers which sentences have been learned and tailors the repetition schedule.
By using multimedia, jokes and variety of “memory hooks” sentences are easy to learn and remember. They
employ, however, full range of English grammar from A1 to C2 levels on the CERF scale.

esol english online

Speakingo – Learning by speaking

No more boring grammar! Children don’t learn grammar, they simply talk!

On the online course Speakingo you talk to a computer or a phone as if it was your English teacher! SPEAKINGO is based on the Direct Method enhanced with computer speech recognition technology.

It was created by Grzegorz Kusnierz, PhD.

At the moment Speakingo is available for speakers of Polish, Russian and Spanish languages. Other languages will follow.

Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the office at info (at) speakingo.com